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Under My Skin

Clothes on the floor, tears in her eyes and a woman’s nightmare on the mirror.


Sometimes, we meet strangers, who understand a part of us better than everyone else in our lives. This is the story of two strangers, on a long train journey travelling through the picturesque landscape of Assam.

SP Singh is an Army veteran and author of the acclaimed novel ‘Parrot under the Pine Tree’ which was shortlisted for the Best Fiction Award at the Gurgaon Literary Festival and nominated at the Valley of Words Literary Festival in 2018. His short story, ‘Palak Dil’ made it to the finals of South Asian Award for Micro Fiction in 2019.

The One Before

How do you tell someone that they emerged out of their struggle worse than before?

The Typewriter

It happens every night, like a clockwork. Till one day, when he finally decides to take things in his own hands. Little does he realises, it might be a trap.


The year is 2030. Humanity is on the brink of permanent extinction. Elixir, a genetically engineered human clone is our last hope. She might just save us all, but what happens next?

A New Beginning

He has already lived for a long time, but he needs to do this to ensure his blood line continues and his tormentors suffer. A thrilling vampire story.


Features a character we have all met. Shows a behaviour most of us would have exhibited. Tells the story of how it felt.


Hope can come from the unlikeliest of places.