A Memory I Could Forget

Years ago, she suddenly woke up one night. The memories of that night continues to haunt her even today. What did she witness?

I quietly crawled out of my bed on hearing subdued screams from the adjacent room. I couldn’t fathom what exactly it was. Judging from how groggy I felt, I assumed it to be easily past 3 am. I had a slight headache and my vision was blurry. I couldn’t make sense of my surroundings except the distinctive noises from what seemed like a brawl. At the age of 10, I was terrified of what it might have been. However, curiosity got the better of me. I peeked into the other room through the space between the curtains and the door. 

As I stood there witnessing what nobody should have been, I wanted to scream, but my voice betrayed me. My mother lay unconscious with no visible injuries, but the pain inflicted was deeper.

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