Always With You

Always With You

What if everyone turns to you in the utmost hour of need and helplessness? What if you are their last resort? What if you have no power to control things.

I was there with the poor man, when the rich man ignored him. I went away with the rich man
till the poor man could see him. Then I changed my path. I walked for a while and then I saw
an old man sitting alone on a bench in a park. I went towards him and sat near him. He was
looking in a direction and smiling and waving. There was a little boy with his mum and dad.
He was also waving back towards the old man. Perhaps it was his grandson. After a while
the family went away, and I followed them till the old man could see them. And then I
changed my path. I paid a visit to the old lady whose only son is in the military. She says that
I remind her of her son, and also that one day he will return.

Then I was at the hospital with a man whose pregnant wife was in labor. He cried on my
shoulders, and I wiped his tears.

I have also been on a trip to the sea.
I have also been on a trip to the sea.

I have also been on a trip to the sea. But the weather was very bad, and everyone in the
ship just looked towards me as if I could save them. The ship perished in the deep ocean
with the sunset. And I was floating on the surface of the ocean.

Once I was on a flight and the passenger next to me was always looking towards me and I
asked her why she is doing so and she said it’s her first time on a plane and she is very
frightened and that looking towards me gives her relief. So I let her look in whatever direction
she wished. It’s strange that the relieving look didn’t save her as the plane crashed after a

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Then some other day I was walking by the side of the road and I saw a boy getting hit by a
truck. He was lying there in a pool of his own blood. Suddenly an ambulance arrived and
took him to the hospital. His mother was also with him in the ambulance. I also went with
them. I was sitting next to the mother as she was crying profusely. But my presence there
gave her a little bit of relief. The boy was immediately taken to the emergency room, and his
mother was sitting outside, her eyes closed and tears flowing in a streak. I sat near her and
told her everything will be okay. But after a while the doctors came out with the dead body of
her son and they said “sorry we can’t save him”. As the doctors went away I followed them
looking back again and again towards the mother and I saw that she was smiling and talking
to her son as if he was alive. And then I left the hospital and went to the nearby park and sat
on a bench. I was numb and stoic. And then I thought to myself, why do people say that I
keep the world alive. While most of the time I only bring misery along with me. They call me

And even if I don’t like it, I have to go on another trip. GOOD BYE!


by Zeshan Ali
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