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We will help you in developing a reading habit.


But before answering the how, let us first understand WHY don’t you read regularly. There are two reasons:

  1. You don’t find something interesting to read regularly
  2. There is no external push (stimuli) that directs you towards reading regularly

And this brings us to what we do for you?

  1. We collect really-interesting stories from all around
  2. And send it to you daily. Every night at 9PM, like a clock work, without fail.

What this does?

Each story takes about 10 minutes to read.

We send you the story exactly at 9PM so that you can catch it before you go to sleep.

Everyday, you start reading one story a day till the time you want to read more. And when that happens (hurray!), you can log on to The Fiction Project (anytime) and read plenty of other stories.

While interest vary from person to person, our editors try hard to find stories which are really nice to read.


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