Escape from Animals

Can she outrun her predators? Can she outrun her destiny?

Ski Question

The strangest of the event happened several years ago. But today, as he recounts the event of that day, something even stranger, but inter-connected, is about to happen.

The Last Run

Suman is the daughter of a Bihari Don and is about to jump from a running train, as goons chase her. Because she ran away with her lover. But why did she have to kill her mother?

Nuts About You Part II

The secret is out. Murder victim Shantanu Shukla tried his best during his life to protect this secret. Unearthing this secret has brought detectives Supriya & Rahul one step closer to solve the mystery. Now they need to figure out who stood to gain or loose the most because of this revelation.

Nuts About You Part 1

A body, face down, floating in the pool, apparently dead by drowning. But his death is hiding a secret – like the man was, when he was living. Did his secret get better of him? Inspectors Supriya and Rahul use all the tricks up their sleeves, to deworm the killer, hiding in the underbelly of the rich and elite. Will they apprehend the murderer?

The Cleanest Cut

A psychiatrist, a patient and a confession. The patient suffers from a strange disease of beards called ‘pogonophobia’. The chilling suspense story unfolds as a conversation between the two characters inside the doctor’s chamber.

Written by Shambhavi Singh who is a 21 year old medical student from Mumbai.

Child Is Father of The Man

A 16 years old murder case. Withered witness and disappeared suspects. An impossible case. Can ace detective duo – Supriya & Rahul crack this case?

Natasha Sharma is a software engineer by profession and moonlights as a writer. She has created the detective duo Supriya & Rahul, two homicide detectives who solves complex murder cases with their wit and razor sharp observations.

As You Reap, You Shall Sow

Two murder victims. One is brutally stabbed, the other barely touched. No witness, no proof but a long list of suspects with motives. Who was the real victim and who just an unfortunate bystander? A gripping suspense and second in series of detectives Supriya & Rahul murder mystery by Natasha Sharma. Must read for whodunit fans!

A Favorable Favor

A female private investigator receives a highly unconventional client with a very unusual case. However, like always, there’s more than what just meets the eyes.