The year is 2030. Humanity is on the brink of permanent extinction. Elixir, a genetically engineered human clone is our last hope. She might just save us all, but what happens next?

A New Beginning

He has already lived for a long time, but he needs to do this to ensure his blood line continues and his tormentors suffer. A thrilling vampire story.

The Window by the Street

A grand mother, her grand daughter and two completely different universe. A beautiful fantasy about love crossing physical dimensions.

Waiting For You

A lovely couple living in a dream home with a chemistry to die for. But all good things must come to an end and this story, begins right there.

The Lake of the Undead

A ghost story set in the beautiful city of Nainital. Life meets after-life in a dark foggy night, in the middle of the vast lake, surrounded by dark hills and brightly lit moon sky.

Magic or Magick

A normal girl with normal problems gets her hands on pretty abnormal stuff. Magic happens and her wishes comes true, or at least part of it. But will this make her happy, or miserable?

The Last Doge of Venice

A story set in distant future. Capitalism and technology have taken over creativity. AI is now able to create art, so they say. But art is not merely a collection of words, strokes of brush on a canvas, or synchronous collection of sounds. AI can identify patterns and mimic it, but it can not create art. One man, in this dystopian world stands to keep the flame of creativity alive. This is his story.
Arun S is a physicist by day and a poet by night.