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Not for the faint-hearted. A girl, a haunted house, a nightmare – stuck forever.

The Lake of the Undead

A ghost story set in the beautiful city of Nainital. Life meets after-life in a dark foggy night, in the middle of the vast lake, surrounded by dark hills and brightly lit moon sky.

Magic or Magick

A normal girl with normal problems gets her hands on pretty abnormal stuff. Magic happens and her wishes comes true, or at least part of it. But will this make her happy, or miserable?

The Petrified

Laura and Stuart have been living in their old isolated home for years. Suddenly, they started hearing strange noises. It felt like they were not alone. A paranormal story with a plot twist.


It was pitch dark outside and raining like anything. There, he saw her on the crossroads, an old and frail lady, standing all alone, covering her head by a mere purse. But this is just one of the two strange encounters he witnessed that night.

The House They Used To Live In

A sweet nostalgic chrimsassy story about a father reminiscing about his life and daughter ending on a climax you never saw it coming.

The Strange Girl At A Bus Stand

On a dark rainy night, in a deserted bus stand, he found her, sitting alone, wearing a hospital gown with a strange tale to tell.

Dhruv is an MBBS student with a passion for storytelling.


She can listen to them, as they discuss her future. But they don’t know that.

Hang in There

Two girls are playing alone in the forest. The atmosphere turns eery. You know something sinister is about to happen. But wait, has it already happened?