In a Dibble, for Dibbles

It is said that dogs have masters but cats have staffs. This is the story of one such staff, going nuts about her missing feline.


What happens when a statue is given a human life?

Crazy Glue

A comic short story about a husband and a wife, who are not so much in love together. Then, the wife buys a crazy glue and something really crazy happens.

An Evening to Remember

High schooler Tom Dudley finds himself in a difficult situation, he is going out on a date, but does not knows which of the two best friends is he actually going out with? Or is it going to be a ménage a trois? A 7 minutes read high school rom-com.

Vanity Unfair

Vanity Unfair

A humorous story sure to put a smile on your face. Involves a woman, her vanity and a lot of make-up.

Shooting Star

Shooting Star

We make wishes all the time. But how are those wishes fulfilled? This fantasy story takes a humorous approach to answer that question.

History of Objects

The History of Objects

An extremely witty story about an old woman’s new found spiritualism and her lifelong material possessions. The story includes spiritual gurus, stealing relatives, long running soap opera show and a lot of objects. Read this story for the amazing writing style of Radhika Venkatarayan. Some of its lines will definitely stick with you for long. Narrated by a third person, reading this story will put a gentle smile on your face.

Accidents of Fate Short Story

Accidents of Fate

A humorous tale about the unspoken laws of Indian roads. Also a story of (highly!) unlikely friendships and camaraderie.