A New Beginning

He has already lived for a long time, but he needs to do this to ensure his blood line continues and his tormentors suffer. A thrilling vampire story.


Features a character we have all met. Shows a behaviour most of us would have exhibited. Tells the story of how it felt.

Jungle Boogie

Drunk in sorrow & high on love. A two minute cocktail of poetry & prose.

The Unseeing Songbird

For him, it was love at the first ‘sound’. A sweet ‘across-the-balcony’ love story between two very special people.

Waiting For You

A lovely couple living in a dream home with a chemistry to die for. But all good things must come to an end and this story, begins right there.

Barely Speaking

For Anin and S who silently spoke about love, loneliness, worm-holes, rainy days, potato curry and sometimes… depression.

Come Love Me Again

The most unlikely place where love can sprout is between a lovelessly married couple of 4 years. But, yet, as … More

The Last Run

Suman is the daughter of a Bihari Don and is about to jump from a running train, as goons chase her. Because she ran away with her lover. But why did she have to kill her mother?

The ‘Stuff’ About Death

This is Shubhra’s last day of relationship. But something else also happens today. A story about love, life and sudden endings.


Lilly visits this grave, every year, on the same day. And he is there, like always. Today, however, the secret that was buried long ago shall finally be unearthed.