Nuts About You Part 1

A body, face down, floating in the pool, apparently dead by drowning. But his death is hiding a secret – like the man was, when he was living. Did his secret get better of him? Inspectors Supriya and Rahul use all the tricks up their sleeves, to deworm the killer, hiding in the underbelly of the rich and elite. Will they apprehend the murderer?

The Cleanest Cut

A psychiatrist, a patient and a confession. The patient suffers from a strange disease of beards called ‘pogonophobia’. The chilling suspense story unfolds as a conversation between the two characters inside the doctor’s chamber.

Written by Shambhavi Singh who is a 21 year old medical student from Mumbai.


It was pitch dark outside and raining like anything. There, he saw her on the crossroads, an old and frail lady, standing all alone, covering her head by a mere purse. But this is just one of the two strange encounters he witnessed that night.

The Pack

Set in an urban housing society during the pandemic induced lockdowns. A pack of dogs have taken over the empty streets. Asif is fighting to stay afloat, both personally and professionally. And then something strange happens.

Written by S.K. Chishti who is a a writer, screenwriter, filmmaker, film critic and photographer.

Mad Duchess

There is a little girl in this story, who is reading a story. The story she is reading is of family and deception. Little does she realises that her own story is no different.

The Strange Girl At A Bus Stand

On a dark rainy night, in a deserted bus stand, he found her, sitting alone, wearing a hospital gown with a strange tale to tell.

Dhruv is an MBBS student with a passion for storytelling.


She can listen to them, as they discuss her future. But they don’t know that.

Child Is Father of The Man

A 16 years old murder case. Withered witness and disappeared suspects. An impossible case. Can ace detective duo – Supriya & Rahul crack this case?

Natasha Sharma is a software engineer by profession and moonlights as a writer. She has created the detective duo Supriya & Rahul, two homicide detectives who solves complex murder cases with their wit and razor sharp observations.

As You Reap, You Shall Sow

Two murder victims. One is brutally stabbed, the other barely touched. No witness, no proof but a long list of suspects with motives. Who was the real victim and who just an unfortunate bystander? A gripping suspense and second in series of detectives Supriya & Rahul murder mystery by Natasha Sharma. Must read for whodunit fans!

A Memory I Could Forget

Years ago, she suddenly woke up one night. The memories of that night continues to haunt her even today. What did she witness?