Girl in the Mirror

Two identical twins, one is murdered. But who really died? Meet our detectives Supriya & Rahul as they try to figure out the puzzle. Will they be able to solve it, or are we witnessing the perfect crime?

Hang in There

Two girls are playing alone in the forest. The atmosphere turns eery. You know something sinister is about to happen. But wait, has it already happened?


Sia can not take her eyes off from Mishti. Is it love, or just lust. Perhaps blood-lust? A vampire themed story set in India.

Diamonds Are Forever

Old secrets comes back to haunt a retired couple on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. The secret, that was buried 5 years ago during a diamond heist.

My Encounter with the Railroad Demon

Three kids, always looking for trouble receive a mysterious phone call about a haunted railroad crossing. Naturally, they go looking for trouble, and find it, in the most gruesome way possible. But what did actually happen? 16 years later, the narrator tries to recall the incidents of that fateful day.

The Lady or The Tiger?

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far-far away, there lived a king, who was both cruel and fair in equal measures. To determine the guilt of an accused, he had developed an elaborate system which resulted in either a gruesome painful death, or, an ecstatic life altering reward. And then like all good stories, comes a twist in the tale.

The Thing in the Basement

This story brings to life a nightmare we all had once (or more). You are sleeping alone in the house on a dark night and then you hear something. You try to let it go, but the noises don’t stop. Your curiosity takes the better of you and you go down into the dark basement. Our protagonist does the same. What will he find?

The Clown [Part I]

“The Clown” follows a real estate agent who daydreams about his inner persona, a murderous clown. For the coulrophobes (those afraid of clowns) out there, this premise will immediately have you on edge, and Mayer does an excellent job building suspense by keeping readers close to this unforgettably unsettling narrator.

Artistic License

This is a no-bullets art heist story. There are three parties, all trying to dupe each other over an expensive painting. Who will come out at the top? A highly entertaining and intelligent short story.

Live News by Peter Hartke

Live News

A beautiful news reporter finally finds her big break. But could she handle it? Will she report the news, or, become one? A gut wrenching thriller.