The Typewriter

It happens every night, like a clockwork. Till one day, when he finally decides to take things in his own hands. Little does he realises, it might be a trap.


Hope can come from the unlikeliest of places.

The Window by the Street

A grand mother, her grand daughter and two completely different universe. A beautiful fantasy about love crossing physical dimensions.

Waiting For You

A lovely couple living in a dream home with a chemistry to die for. But all good things must come to an end and this story, begins right there.

The Queen of Spades

The beauty of Russian literature is that it never goes out of style, literally. This story was written by 187 years ago by Russian literary giant ‘Alexander Pushkin’. The story pre-dates socialist USSR.

Here, a devious soldier comes to know about an old woman, who knows the secret of winning any hand in a card game. The soldier is willing to do anything to get his hands on this secret, and anything he does.

The story is easy to read and the plot builds a suspense that does not gives away until the very last word of this marvellous story.

The Last Run

Suman is the daughter of a Bihari Don and is about to jump from a running train, as goons chase her. Because she ran away with her lover. But why did she have to kill her mother?

Star Labs

A glimpse into the lives of front-line medics (read heroes) during the COVID-19 crisis. Sweta is a fresh out of college doctor working in a COVID-19 testing facility. She is caught in a tight situation between saving lives and saving even more lives. How will she do it all?


He wakes up every morning, disappointed that his heart is still beating. A story about fighting the inner devil and creating one’s own destiny.

Written by Mahrukh Asmat who is a budding writer from Pakistan.