The Tale of Subhadra

Subhadra was Arujna’s second wife, Krishna’s half-sister and Abhimanyu’s mother, grandmother of Parikshit who eventually becomes the heir of the victor Pandav clan. But Subhadra is more than all of this. This is her story.


Follow the journey of an ambitious girl through life’s highs and lows, and, love and loss.


A story about working on marriages and making it work, come what may.


It was Tani’s first time traveling to India. She soon realized something that every female traveler to India has realized.

A Favorable Favor

A female private investigator receives a highly unconventional client with a very unusual case. However, like always, there’s more than what just meets the eyes.

The Basket of Love

A story of pure love between a mother and her 8 year old daughter set in the cruel world of refugee crisis.

A Memory I Could Forget

Years ago, she suddenly woke up one night. The memories of that night continues to haunt her even today. What did she witness?

On a Wednesday, In a Cafe

An introverted shy girl finds a secret note in her library book. Then it happens again. Is it just a coincidence? A sweet romantic story inspired by Taylor Swift’s song ‘Begin Again’.

The Spotlight

An inspiring narrative by an acid-attack survivor minutes before she steps on the stage in front of the world.


A sweet revenge story about a wife suffering from body shaming issues. The suffering is indeed fueled by her husband who actually seems to have an ulterior motive in intentionally keeping her self esteem low. Set in contemporary India, this story is sure to put a (sly) smile by the time you reach the climax.