What happens when a statue is given a human life?

What else did you expect me to do? I know it’s a lame cover up. But I didn’t have too many brilliant choices. The idiot walked in unannounced while I was chilling in my room. My room, the one that has a “Knock before entering” sign on the door and a lock that only Hercules can break open. Well at least that’s what I had believed. Until this jerk jay walked in last evening. Turns out, a paper clip was all that it took.

You should’ve seen him though, eyes wide, jaws dropped, beads of sweat glistening on his forehead. He had this look like he wanted to scream his lungs out. The veins on his neck were threatening to pop open. But no words escaped his mouth. “Hey, are you ok? Relax, it’s just me, Alex” I said. I gulped my own saliva and hoped he hadn’t noticed the trembling in my voice. I watched his facial muscles relax and breathed a sigh. “The fuck, dude? What happened to you?” he asked. He was trying his best to wrap his head around the idea of seeing his house mate naked in this seven feet reptilian form with wings. But his tiny human brain probably couldn’t make much of it.

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