Corona Poetry by Sunita S

From China to Iran to Italy

From a handshake to hug to a kissy

From a cough to a sneeze to spit

From a person to another, I’ll split.


From one border to another

From one body to another

I’ll follow you everywhere

unless you stop me, I dare.


You meet, you gather

You speak, you scatter

You help me to travel

from one place to another.


I’ ll laugh, you’ll cry

I’ll breathe, you’ll choke

I’ ll smile , you’ll mourn

I’ll survive , you’ll be gone.

I dare to stop, but I know u won’t



You can’t stay at home

You won’t wash away the germs

You can’t cover when u cough.


The fever, the (throat) pain and suffocation

All are the symptoms you would ignore

All would lead to organ failures

and it will be too late before you ensure.


You can’t know I am inside you

I’ll go everywhere and be with you

I’ll start slowly and then ruin you

before u know I’ll swallow you.


I dare you

I dare you.


Before it’s too late

lock me in a cage

Or else you’d be in a

lockdown stage.


It’s your last chance to bid good bye

Save yourself, care for one another

Follow the rules, don’t play with nature

Show compassion and be a savior.


It’s now or never

If you win, I die

or else you’d never

See the sky.

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