Escape from Animals

Can she outrun her predators? Can she outrun her destiny?

Footsteps thundered in a once quiet corridor.

She was running, as quietly possible and as fast she could, with bated breath and muscles aching all over, her tears choking her and lungs burning, she could not breathe. 

But still she ran and ran until the familiar corridor came and there it was. She rejoiced as her safe haven came into view, but she could hear them, coming after her, and so she gave everything she could and crossed the steps to get inside while closing the door.

Leaning against it, she fell onto the floor and just broke down. She knew she was safe, they couldn’t get her now but still, she cried.

 The tears ran down her face steadily, her lungs felt empty, her legs cramped, and already her head had started to throb, she couldn’t think or move, and so she laid there, forgetting that the door was not locked and they could open and then attack!

Is it possible for me to die, without her doing suicide? She wondered. Is it possible for me to just lie down there and die without doing anything? So that maybe I can get away from them or they can have an excuse to just stop or just have some pity.

No! They are monsters, savages who don’t care about anyone or anything. She knows she cannot go outside and just show herself to them because they will attack, and the worst part is that it won’t be a single strike, they will slowly and gradually tear her limb from limb, trying to find out the weakest point, from head to toe they search every single thing they can use against me and then they will attack, tearing me down like animals, clawing at my face and my body.

Why me? Why me? Why me?

She could hear them. They had come upon the door but still she did not move, she could not move. They were coaxing her, luring to draw her out, trying to entice her so that she can fall into the trap. Again.

However this time it was too much, this time she knew that there is nothing now, nothing she can appease them with or to placate them with.

On the other hand the voice inside her knew that it was inevitable, but she waited for that moment, she wanted to draw this out as much as possible, still wondering if there is any godly power that can take pity on her and strike her down.

Their voices penetrated through the thin wooden door, soft, seductive, telling her to give in but she felt like there couldn’t have been a tone wishing one to die the most painful death. She knew that once she gave in they will as always first console her and then strike. All of them at once. So she won’t even get a chance, to defend herself, to help herself, to try and form the words or even think before it can happen.

She stood up and walked about the room in circles, she knew a decision needed to be made up, she knew something was to be done, either she could go outside and let herself be taken by those savages or she could stay here and keep thinking of ways to kill herself.

It had been an hour now, and those barbarians had stopped scratching the door, instead now they were speaking to each other in hushed tones.

“Anwar please! Calm down. Let’s just try to get her out of the room first. I know you are stressed but please she was crying”

“Crying?! For god’s sake! What does she need to cry about? This is exactly what she wanted. She wanted to fail so she could not study Medical and go prancing about in that arts center or whatever!”

“That is her dream Anwar!”

“Oh Vanya! What dream? It’s just a silly habit. But still my brother let her apply for it previous year. It’s not his problem she didn’t get in”

“Exactly! That good for nothing brat. She can’t do anything in her life! Such a disappointment!”

“I know you are disappointed in her, honey. We all are.”

“Mariam maybe we should have used the same method as our mother did and slapped her a few times. Then she wouldn’t have turned out like this”

“We provided her with everything. Food, clothes, cars, luxuries! And she couldn’t do not one thing in life to make us proud! I don’t know what I am going to do with her”

“What was that noise?”

“Alishba! Alishba! What are you doing open the door!”

“oh Vanya the door is opened!”

There was the deafening creak of a door, haunting them to the last minute, and then silence.

Dead silence. The crying had stopped.


Q. I. Ghouri

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