Girl in the Mirror

Two identical twins, one is murdered. But who really died? Meet our detectives Supriya & Rahul as they try to figure out the puzzle. Will they be able to solve it, or are we witnessing the perfect crime?

Chapter 1: The dichotomy of thoughts.

Her ‘twinadar’, what her twin and she called their twin sense was screaming, “Danger alert”. She looked around but didn’t see anything – or anyone. But the sense of foreboding wouldn’t let her settle. The alarm bells were now, loud as a siren, begging her to seek refuge. She was safe in her own house, if one can’t feel safe in one’s own house, where does one solicit shelter? She looked out of the window, at the clear night sky, the full moon radiating a blanket of luminescence as light as gossamer over the city skyline.  She leaned against the window, mesmerized by the sight, the alarm bells, for the moment, quietened by the beauty outside. She heard a noise, soft initially, till it permeated through her reverie, and alerted her to its presence. She was startled, and physically jumped, her sense of danger spiking. Then laughed nervously, realising it was an owl hooting. The doorbell rang, she let out an involuntary scream, shock rendering her immobile. The doorbell rang again, insistent, breaking her inertia, she carefully approached the door, rueing the lack of a peephole. The doorbell rang again halted her in her tracks, but ignoring her fear, she cautiously opened the door. 

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