It was Tani’s first time traveling to India. She soon realized something that every female traveler to India has realized.

Let me in. 

This one sentence changed Tani’s life.  

Always wanting to be a travel blogger, it was her first assignment. 

As the wheels of the plane touched the runway, Tani was feeling elated. She hopped on a taxi, which apparently, she was told, was difficult to get over here in India. Being from L.A. she could see the difference. India was much more crowded and Dinghy and the people were helpful but they sure kept staring a lot. 

A week went by, and she realised it’s the skin that she had, that made them stare. It’s her accent that let them assume that she is up for grabs and she won’t mind it. Someone grabbed her ass, taking advantage of the crowd, while someone else explained what they want to do to her while walking very close by her. She was shocked like any other girl would have been in her place. Was it something she was doing? She sure was wearing the proper clothes, she did her research. Wasn’t this the land of culture. Don’t they worship Goddesses. 

While mulling her brain for an answer, she noticed a movement behind. That guy has been following her since she left the market place. Maybe she left something behind, but he was not holding anything. There was something in his eyes, something that made her decide not to stop walking, if anything increase her speed. “Oh, thank God”. She said a silent prayer in her mind as she saw her hotel from the distance. She felt safe. 

But fate had other plans for her it seems, there was that guy standing behind her in the lobby. While going for the lift, she heard someone talking about her room number. Rushing into her room, Tani locked her room. Her heart was still pounding. Is it possible? Did somebody give out her room number? But that is against Hotel policy. She was so confused and scared, when the knock on the door came. It’s 12:30 A.M., who could it be. She was anticipating the question when the knock came again. “Room service”. Someone said. 

Her worst fear was confirmed. She did not order anything. “Let me in”. Came the voice again. 

Tani was now terrified. She was in an unknown city, she knew no one. She was trapped in her hotel room with no way of getting out. She did not answer. She thought, maybe making no noise will lead them to think that there is no one inside. Afterall she switched off the light after changing, and these doors can be opened only by the key card that she has in her possession. Something flashed her mind though; someone was talking about her room while she was entering the lift. She heard them talking among themselves. There were more than one. “Let me in Ma’am. We need to check on the Wi-Fi connection”. Came the voice again with another knock. 

What are they talking about, thought Tani, while checking her phone? There was no Wi-Fi reception. They are telling the truth. But something inside her told her not to open the door. She was torn. Couldn’t decide what to do when accidently she knocked her purse down. While grabbing her things from the floor and hoping that they did not hear the noise inside, a leaflet came into her hand. 

“If you see any animal in any kind of problem or in need of any kind of assistance please call the helpline number given below.” 

It was from some kind of an NGO who worked for the animals. Some kid was distributing these leaflets and thrusted some in her hand. 

Could this work? But they work only for animals. This was her last desperate hope. She picked up her phone and started dialling.

Miles away from Delhi, safe in her own apartment, Tani could not stop thinking about that night. That helpline number worked. They picked up on the first ring and did not hesitate to help after hearing her out. She was out of that hell hole within an hour and spend the next week in that NGO while they tried connecting with her embassy. That was her best week. 

Taking care of sick animals, playing with the babies. They even dropped her off to the airport. No, she did not change her mind about being a Travel blogger but she will be more careful now onwards. She could not help but think, what would have happened if they would have denied help. But then again, they were an animal’s NGO. They had to save her from the two-legged animals standing outside her door.

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