Hang in There

Two girls are playing alone in the forest. The atmosphere turns eery. You know something sinister is about to happen. But wait, has it already happened?

The world looked weird upside down. I always liked the funny feeling in my stomach when I hung upside down from the branches. The winds smelled different today. It shifted from the usual tangy to a dark smoky stench. The evening burst into the skies and I knew I should return home. But playing on the branches was somehow addicting. I was upside down on one of the lower branches and my head started to get dizzier. I like how the blood rushed into my head when I jumped down onto my feet after a good hang. Geeta has just perched onto the opposite branch, ready to hang down with me- like bats. We used to do this as little kids and mother always came bursting out of the house, worried that one of her girls might crack her skull open. “Geeta, let’s head home. We shouldn’t be here at this hour.” I explained. Geeta didn’t pay any heed to my words as she climbed higher on the tree. 

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