I Am Enough

I have the bulge in the wrong places

and fling away the taunts with enough grace

I wear my dress, in my color, pattern or print

waiting not a suggestion nor any hint.

I am enough, enough to see my strength.

I work with a motive, also laze like a bear

but not answerable to sneer or stare

I  sing to my tunes, hum with the breeze

and soothe like a balm but sting like a bee

I am enough, enough to while away by the sea.

I detest not the ways of life or sessions

until it pricks my code of moral lessons

I fly when I want, my sky, my space

with wings unburdened by any test

I am enough, enough to work or take a rest.

I stick by my friends almost like a magnet

do not betray, however attractive the rate

I adorn my home, with my kind of gesture 

for my comfort, my warmth, my treasure

I am enough, enough to hold my stature.

I dig my own grave and decide what to bury 

beneath the mud or clay or just wash it away

I am here to live fully  till the breath says so

and not succumb when any bullying  says go

I am enough, strong enough to live my goals. 

I write, poem or story, words or rhyme

depicting the fact or fiction, in my time

I wrap my wrath and unfold my smile

mask a frown or laugh for a while

I am enough, enough to shrug or shine.

Parajeeta Dikshit

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