It Is Never Too Late

Sabir is a retired bachelor from Kolkata. In his entire life, he never really felt any attachment, fell in love or got married. But then, life took an unusual turn. There are a few stories which stick to you long after you have read them. For many, this would be one of them.

(Retd.) Professor Shams Afif Siddiqi is a prominent literary figure with a long list of laurels and accolades, few of which includes, an all India prize awarded by the then President of India, Mr. Giani Zail Singh, stories selected by Khushwant Singh to be published in The Telegraph, an illustrious career as an english professor in top MBA colleges of the country and so much more.

Two weeks had passed since Sabir retired from the Commercial Tax office at Beleghata, 

Kolkata. Thirty years had flown by; he hardly understood how time deceived him. Now he knew 

why they say time flies. 

But after retirement, time changed its course. It was limping slowly like an old man, refusing to edge forward. He fell from the sky when friends and acquaintances left; the family that prepared food for him also closed their doors. He could not blame anyone. He wished he had not wasted life in constant bachelorhood. He had never fallen in love; never thought of marriage. A lurking fear kept him away. But the past was dead; the present had to be looked into.  He wanted a domestic help; someone to cook his food, wash his clothes, keep his house in order. He was prepared to pay any amount; his pension allowed him the life of a retired prince.  

 His search ended with Asma; her face could scare babies in the dark. 

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