Jungle Boogie

Drunk in sorrow but high on love. A two minute cocktail of poetry & prose.

Oh, dear lover of mine, give me thy love I deserve

Weak-the end this is, for I’m going to breath my last.

The earth beneath me shaketh like a dungeon,

Oh, you bitch, bring back my past!”

The hoarse voiced guy with noodly legs was walking on pavement with a volatile bottle of beer in his hand. Bars by the streets had jazz playing. Sleek hair men were going in and out with women by their side.

This particular guy was shaking like a jelly oblivious of his surroundings. He persisted on singing out his emotions.

I hold this nausea in my heart,

Notes you played are residents there.

The chords ringing till now,

Tell me you bitch! Why couldn’t you care?!”

Like drizzle, tears started flowing down caressing his hardened cheeks but to no avail. Deserts can’t be quenched by monsoon showers. He wiped them off. Gulping down a sip, he looked around to see humans who were bubbly and unmoved by his poetic stance.

Go away you bastards,

Look for somethin’ else.

My heart ache for thy innocence,

Your joy won’t be worth single pence

A young man was standing close by letting out rings of smoke. He was trying to comprehend the past of this sorrowful man.

“Hey man! You a’right?”, asked the young man.

The wobbly guy looked about and scanned this young man top-down.

You seem like you care,

This courtesy of yours dazzles me.

For you are this young,

As much as a man can be

In a slurred voice he blurted this out. The young man was obviously impressed.

“You man been a poet, song writer or somethin’?”

“You man an investigator or somethin’?!”, he replied in disgust.

“Hey yo, I’m just asking”, replied the young man scoffing.

“Thou ask me of my art,

Instead ask me of my vengeance.

How I want to kill that bitch,

Who left me on someone’s pretence”

The young man got unnerved of him constantly abusing the woman. He wanted to delve into the reason for such hatred. Throwing the cigarette on the sidewalk, he crushed it dead.

“Why, what did she do?”

“She did what she ought to,

Coming from a womb of ethics.

She tread the wrong path,

Amassed by a landmine of ticks”

The young man was out of wits. What path did the woman take which resulted into this drunken haphazardly creature?

“I don’t quite understand sir. I can’t find your woman faulty here”

A growl came out as reply. He might even would have smashed the bottle on the sidewalk if words wouldn’t have taken care.

“Thou ask me of her crime,

How vague that can sound!

She was no criminal you shit,

This fuckin’ society had her bound”

Sitting down he put the bottle beside him and continued.

“Oh, love of mine, where hath thou gone,

Correcting the incorrigible,

This world wasn’t thy dawn.

How I wish I would have thou stopped,

Thy humanity was taken in for pawn!”

Saying so, he lay down and looked up at the sky.

“My friend, this world is a jungle,

A jungle, wild and shady.

You try to be a good person,

Lifeless thy lay thou body”

In a flash he stood up and frantically started throwing his hands all around as if pushing people coming from all directions.

“You only have a thing to do, dance it out baby. Watch me!”

And then he fell down.

Akarsh Yadav

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