Loving Thy Enemy

Love in the middle of battlefield. A visually colourful story about war, destruction, chaos and love. A 3 minutes story that reads like poetry.

Nidhi is a 17 year old student whose book ‘Ephemeral Embrace’ is due to be published soon.


It was complete chaos.

Guns and tanks blowing everything up. People stripped of humanity. Humans being mercilessly killed.

Dust. Wind. Noise. Heat. 

Everything affecting the havoc.

Thousands of people with arms, shooting endlessly, without knowing the reason for their destruction. 

The ground was flushed with a shade of red, dead bodies and bullet shells decorating it. 

Amidst all this insanity, two pairs of eyes met, and it seemed as if everything stopped for a moment. The noise seemed to subside and the environment seemed to settle. 

They say when eyes meet, everything stops. And everything did, for them. 

His green eyes drowned in his ocean blue ones. His blue eyes reached out to his forest green ones. 

And they say there is no love at first sight.

The horn was blown and it all came to a hault. It was to be continued tomorrow.

Everyone returned to their safe camps, exhausted. But they both stood there, eyes never leaving each other.

 Together they looked away and walked back to where they were supposed to. 

It was midnight and all was silent, only the chant of the crickets could be heard. 

Everyone was asleep, except the blue eyed man and the green eyed one, the thought on their mind about each other. 

The blue eyed man was unable to hold it. He rushed out, covered in a blanket, hidden from everyone.

The green eyed man was unable to sit still too. Mimicking the other’s action, he too rushed out, in search of someone. 

Running away from their safe zones, their eyes met. It was all good for once, or so they thought.

Three hours.

That’s all they had before returning. 

What those two experienced in those three hours, was unfathomable. So pure, so real, so innocent, yet none of these. Not a single word was exchanged, but everything felt right.

Exactly after three hours, they rushed back. Their secret safe with the moon, the stars and the dark sky.  

The horn blared, indicating to start the chaos again.


The ground painted with red shouted death.

Both their eyes searched for each other. It was all that mattered at the moment.

And when they met, oh my!

The world stopped. The sun shone brighter, the grass turned greener, the sky bluer. The red ground no longer shouted death, but sang melodies of love and passion.

And in a second, everything was gone.

His blue eyes showed terror and betrayal.

His green ones, sorrow and shame. But without thinking again, he pulled the trigger.

Colourless tears continuously fell from his green eyes. He knew he had made a mistake.

The pale body lay lifeless, its blue eyes still holding the horror and terror.

It wasn’t his choice, the green eyed one’s. He just did what he was told.

But loving his enemy wasn’t something he could control.

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