Magic or Magick

A normal girl with normal problems gets her hands on pretty abnormal stuff. Magic happens and her wishes comes true, or at least part of it. But will this make her happy, or miserable?

I’d been pondering on loads of options to cope with the terrible breakup that took place a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t feel like talking to the jerk, David who chose to ditch me for my best friend! Well, EX best friend. I mean seriously, could it be any worse? I still couldn’t believe Nina actually double faced me the whole time she entertained that jerk to cheat on me. What could I possibly do then? It all happened too fast. Anyway, among all the potential coping mechanisms I’d scavenged so far, the one suggested by my cousin, Casey seemed to be more appropriate and lesser aggressive than the other ones. So, basically the task I was to perform was simply writing down messages by pouring out all the rages and curses that had been terribly brewing inside my heart. Then instead of sending them to the jerk, I needed to leave it in the note app of my phone. But interestingly, I came across the mysterious story of Mark Twain and his unsent letters more or less around the same time. In the case of Twain, he used to write down letters addressing to particular people, then tore them down without sending to those addressed. The interesting part was, he still got letters from those people answering the questions he asked or talking about topics he mentioned in his unsent letters. Never mind! I was just another girl who got dumped by the one she thought the love of her life, for the one she thought to be her best friend. No magic, no psychic power involved whatsoever. So, I aggressively typed out a whole Essay-length message trying my best to let out all the entrapped anger intending to the cheater. Heaving out a deep, heavy breath, I gave it a read. Wow! My mind was quite murderous at that point! “Choking the life out of him on his own car seat… Banging his head constantly against the metallic body of his favorite minivan until the head becomes a heap of blood and flesh… Making his sweetheart, Nina regret doing what she did so much so that she’d be possessed terribly by the self-loathing which would make her hang herself….” Woah! Only if I could make those happen! However, writing them down definitely helped to ease the weight on my shoulders. That was Thursday when I left the message unsent locking it down inside the note app. 

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