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A millionaire murder-suspect. A headstrong lawyer. A murder that took place a few days ago. Another murder that took place years ago. How are all of these connected?

Adeline McGuire walked into the prison where Levi Adams, the CEO of Levi Holdings was held. She was tired after the date, last night, but she knew work means work. Clutching her iPad, she faced her brand new client sitting casually, without a glimmer of fear in the dimly lit room.

Levi Adams, 29, was arrested for the murder of his secretary, Luna Wright, on the 26th of August. He was a shrewd, intelligent and crafty businessman who single handedly built his multi million empire. But his womanizer reputation and extravagant lifestyle often caught him broiling in scandalous tabloids. Given his power and money, he hired the best criminal lawyer in the country, Adeline – a successful young lawyer and her team for his defence.

Luna Wright was found dead in an alley behind Park Avenue. She left work at her regular time at around 6pm but she never reached home. Her husband, Edward, spent four hours looking for her and then finally filed a missing report. A search began, and within a couple of hours, her dead body was found. The body was in bad shape. Her eyes were gouged out, had a deep slit on her neck and clothes were torn. Her bag and its contents were strewn on the ground which signalled she wasn’t robbed. There was a ring lying next to her body, which belonged to Levi Adams. Post mortem reports concluded that she had died because of the slit on her throat and she had struggled with the accused, which explained the fresh scars on her body.

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