Shooting Star

Shooting Star

We make wishes all the time. But how are those wishes fulfilled? This fantasy story takes a humorous approach to answer that question.

“Goodbye! Happy Birthday once again!” said Amy and pecked his cheek gently.  

“Happy Birthday brother! See you tomorrow!” Jason gave him a hug and walked out with Amy.  

Thomas tried avoiding the beer bottles, the plastic cups and empty food trays scattered all around the living room.  

“Did she call yet?” asked Vinny, sipping on her beer.  

Thomas sighed and started clearing up the mess into two garbage bags.  

“Aww my baby!” Vinny got off the couch and held Thomas by his arm. She picked up one of the garbage bag and Thomas picked up the other.  

“She’ll call. There’s still 23 minutes of your birthday left.” she said as they walked out towards the trash can near the sidewalk.

“22 minutes now. Besides, I don’t even care if she forgot my birthday. I’ll try to forget hers too. I don’t know her birthday’s on 13th August.” Thomas replied in a single breath and started walking back in.  

“THOMAS! COME HERE QUICK!” yelled Vinny. 

“What?” he sounded annoyed. 

“Come here! Look!” she pointed up at the sky. 

“Shooting star!” she added.  

He looked at her in disbelief. 

“Please tell me you don’t believe in this bullshit,” he said. 

“I do. Now close your eyes and make a wish. Quick!” she said and shut her eyes. He did it too. 



“We’ve got incoming!” yelled a man wearing a grey leather coat, running through a narrow corridor into a giant conference room. 

Hundreds of men wearing the same grey leather coat seated across a computer each, with a satellite map opened on the tab. The conference room had a giant screen at the front which also showed the same satellite map.  

The only difference was, the map on the big screen had bright red spots on certain areas popping out one after the other.  

“I hate this! Worst time of the month,” said Yorkie, sitting across one of the computer.  

“Shut up. All you’ve been doing is getting toys for stupid kids. I remember last month, you got a wish from a kid asking for a chocolate. She didn’t specify ‘when’, she didn’t specify ‘what kind’. She just asked for a goddamn chocolate. I’m on teenager duty since the past seven months. You know how difficult this is? You know how messed up the teenagers are?” replied Jason. 

Yorkie almost slipped off his chair while laughing and patted Jason’s back.  

“I know. I’ve been there for about a year. I earned my escape by a 100% record after 25 wishes! You’re at 23, right?” asked Yorkie. 

Jason simply nodded in reply, smacked his lips and started scrolling on his computer after a few clicks. The system then started scanning and showing random profiles.  

One of them popped up.  

“I wish Hannah would call and wish me a Happy Birthday!” – Thomas O’Malley.  

“I HATE TEENAGERS!” Jason yelled and stormed out.  

He went into the records room in the basement. Hundreds of computers were installed down there, each of which stored the data regarding millions of citizens. 

“Thomas O’Malley” he typed the name and clicked enter. After scanning the files for a few seconds, the computer came up Thomas O’Malley’s profile.  

Thomas O’Malley  

Gender : Male 

Date of birth : 27th June 2023 

City : Trepple Town 

“What date is it today?” Jason asked one of his colleague sitting on his left.  

“27th June 2037.” replied the pale faced man.  

“OH SHIT!” Jason stormed out of the records room after having a look at the time.  

“I’ve got 13 minutes to make it happen!” he dashed into the submissions room. He picked up a form and walked towards the submissions counter. There was a long queue and Jason was currently 12th in line.  

“Everything in here is digital. Everything, except this!”  

The man ahead of Jason looked back and gave him a nasty stare.  

Yorkie came up with his form and stood next to Jason. 

“What’s up Jason? What’s it this time?” he asked.  

“Birthday boy wishes his teenage crush to call and wish him. I bet it wouldn’t even matter a couple of years later. She’ll be dating some hotshot Flameball player while he’ll be geeking over the satellite codes.”  

“Damn! That’s sad. How long have you got?”  

“12 minutes now.”  

“Boy! You think you’ll make it?”  

“I hope. What about you? What did you get?”  

“There’s this kid who wants to watch the Eagles play this weekend. I’m sending his family a couple of tickets through lottery.”  

Jason frowned and turned towards the counter.  

“CAN YOU PLEASE HURRY UP?” he yelled.  


She really didn’t call

Thomas went back to his bedroom and jumped straight onto his bed.  

“She really didn’t call,” he kept wondering. 

“I started wishing her 20 days before her birthday,”  

“10 minutes left. I’ll just sleep,” 

He switched off the lights and slept into his blanket.  


“COME ON! I GOT A BIRTHDAY BOY WAITING!” Jason screamed, he was now fourth in line.  


“There’s six minutes remaining buddy! I intend on keeping my 100% record intact! I NEED THIS PROMOTION!”  

The man ahead of Jason turned again, gave a nasty stare once again, exhaled heavily and turned towards the counter.  

“What’s wrong with this guy?” whispered Jason to Yorkie, who tried to calm him down.  


Vinny slowly opened the door of Thomas’ room and tip-toed towards the bed.  

She could hear Thomas sniffing into his pillow.  

“He cried? He really cried on his birthday?” she said to herself.  

She then glanced at her cellphone, just three minutes left for midnight. 



“Seriously? You’re opting for a direct approach?” asked the old man behind the counter. 

“What do you mean?” asked Jason.  

“You here, have written that you intend on flashing a picture of Thomas O’Malley wearing a… party hat… into Hannah Jones’ memory?”  

“Yes sir,” 

“Are you aware of the risk and dangers in this foolish act?”  

“Yes sir,” 

“Do you agree to take full responsibility for any abnormal effects henceforth in their lives?”  

“Yes sir. Can you please speed up? There’s less than 100 seconds left!”  

The old man sighed, he approved the form through his signature and passed it on.  

“The agency policies are being modified” said an announcer over the speaker. It caused a commotion in the submissions room. 

Jason saw the form being processed from across the counter. He smiled as he saw the details being entered into the computer.  

“The agency policies are being modified” the robotic voice repeated. 

The announcement through the speaker meant each and every one of them rushed towards the auditorium. 


“Don’t you hear? The agency policies are being modified. We all must be there,” 

“WHAT ABOUT THE WISH?” asked Jason. 

“Oh, it’ll be processed shortly,” replied the old man and walked out.  

Jason waited patiently across the giant screen where his name flashed across a “pending” stamp. 



Thousands of miles away, in a dark bedroom of a large mansion, Hannah Jones woke up in a flash.  

“SHIT!” she screamed and reached out for her phone.  


The time was clicking, and was just a few seconds away from a new day. 

*Tring Tring*  

His phone rang. With blurry eyes, Thomas looked at the screen. He jumped up in a hurry. 

“Hannah?” he answered the call.  

“Happy Birthday Thomas!” 


“I’M ONE WISH AWAY!” yelled Jason after he saw a green tick mark next to his wish on the giant screen.  

He then walked out towards the auditorium, where the CEO of the agency was making an announcement. 

“…and next month our Wishing Satellite soars over Humphle Ville. Now, Humplhe Ville has been our number one client, and we do not want to disappoint them.” said the CEO. 

“So, what’s the big policy change?” Jason asked Yorkie who had been there since the start.  

“He’s just getting there,” replied Yorkie.  

“…and now – the big policy change. Due to poor results and dozens of complaints from our clients, effective from 28th June 2037, the eligibility criteria for a promotion, the minimum requirement has been increased. Instead of 25 wishes, the candidates will require a minimum of 35 completed wishes to move to the next tier!”  

“NOOOOOO!” Jason’s scream echoed around. 

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