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Are you a writer/poet? We would love to get your work in front of our readers.

Who are we?

There are several online portals for you to publish your work. We are the new kids on the block. Our purpose in life is to promote the reading of fiction. We strongly believe that the world of today needs more emotional intelligence and empathy. Reading good fiction is one way to do it.

We promote the reading of fiction by:

  1. Making it interesting
  2. Making it highly accessible and easily consumable

We have an ever growing list of subscribers, to whom we send daily story of the day emails and also a growing base of regular website visitors, who love reading great stories. We are also growing socially.

Here are some of the works originally published on The Fiction Project.

How to Submit your work?

It’s very simple, send us your work in an editable MS-Doc or Shareable Google Doc format at Please keep the subject line as

‘Submissions | <Author Name>, <Title of your Work>’

We will review it and get back to you within 10 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of work do we accept?

We accept all forms of fiction and only fiction. This could be a poem, story – long/ short / flash / few sentences or any new variety you can come up with. We do not accept any work that is non-fiction in nature.

What languages do we accept?

Currently, we prefer content in English. Though we accept content written in hindi as well. Any other language is currently out of our bounds. Though we hope to start accepting more languages very soon.

How long does it takes for my work to get published?

It depends upon the queue of already pending work. Given that we have recently started, our queue is fairly small. We can review a submission within 10 working days. If accepted, we will notify the authors of when they can expect their work to get published.

Is the author responsible for the artwork?

No. We create all the artworks ourselves. The authors though are free to submit any artworks they want for consideration.

Will I get paid for my work?

No, currently we are not paying our authors. But in the very near future, we will.

Why should I then publish on The Fiction Project?

If you sole aim is to monetize your work, then you are not wrong. But, right now, The Fiction Project is not for you. In case, if you are looking to expand your reader’s base, then we can help. If in case you are looking to reach out to premium readers, people who pay for reading, then we are probably the best place right now. Accessing content on The Fiction Project requires users to pay a monthly subscription fees of ₹30 per month. Your work would go out to these readers – passionate and paying.

Moreover, we are spending heavily on marketing our stories. All the stories / poetry published on The Fiction Project gets custom art work (not just cover art but in-story illustrations as well). We also create motion graphics for most of the stories and poetry and use paid marketing to promote the work across all digital channels. We also have a rapidly growing list of our premium newsletter subscribers, who pay to receive these stories on their emails.

We may or may not be able to compensate you monetarily, but if your work is good, we will definitely help you in establishing yourself as an artist of repute.

Do I need to pay to get my work published?

Definitely not. Please understand that The Fiction Project is not some kind of self publishing platform.

Who retains the copyrights for the work?

Definitely you, the author.

Do you provide editing services as well?

No. We only perform basic proof reading.

Is there any exclusivity clause? Can I submit a piece of work already published elsewhere?

No, your publication on The Fiction Project does not prohibits you from submitting and publishing your work elsewhere on the internet. Remember, our purpose is to promote the reading of fiction. So, feel free to share as much as possible.

The other way round is also true. You can submit your work even if it is already published on any other platform. However, the only catch here is that you should not have any exclusivity contract for the given work elsewhere.

If you still have any questions, feel free to reach out to us

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