The Cheating Wife

Marcus Osborne is a successful private eye. He is single and in love. Only problem is, his love happens to be married to someone else. And this brings us to the problem at hand.

Marcus Osborne sat on his office chair with his feet propped atop his desk. He reflected, if any one came into my office at this moment he would think I was the epitome of the happy and able private detective-and he wouldn’t be too far off the mark.

Osborne was in his early thirties, slightly over six feet, with strong classic features and thick black hair. He knew he was a handsome man. After three years in the business, his private detective agency had a good reputation in the city. He was single and in love. The only drawback to this picture was that the object of his feelings was a married woman.

Three knocks on the door of the office brought him back to reality. “Come in,” he said, taking his feet off the desk.

A slender middle-aged man with thinning hair and rimless glasses, dressed in an expensive suit, opened the door and walked in. The detective got up from behind his desk and shook the newcomer’s hand.

“Please sit down. I’m Marcus Osborne, director of the agency. What can I do for you?” He said this with a half-anxious expression which he had practiced in the mirror many times.

“My name is Harold Jones.” He spoke in a low voice. “You have been highly recommended to me. I have a very sensitive matter to discuss and I’ve heard your agency is very discreet.

Osborne acknowledged the words with a modest inclination of his head.

I suspect my wife is cheating on me but I want to be sure.

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