The Grim Reaper’s Scythe

A lazy boy intoxicates himself and finds the purpose of his life.

“This shit’s dope, man! Believe me”

That was what the guy had said when he handed me the merchandise. But as I sat there, on my couch, in my shorts in front of the TV, I barely felt a thing. I turned the volume up. Me chewing popcorn was not helping me listen to the protagonist’s dialogue.

I waited. Yet, nothing. The shady fucker had ripped me off.

“If I find him again, I swear…,” I thought. “Oh, who are you kidding? You won’t do anything even if he was laughing at your face. You’re a wimp! That’s why he had you easy…he probably had one look at you and made you for the fool you are…”

Uggghhh…I hate myself.

And there go my $200.

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