The Passengers

One late night metro, 5 different passengers, 5 completely different lives, one story.


The metro came to halt at the first station. The station was deserted, it had a gloomy vibe to it and an overweight boy was standing on the designated space that was drawn on the platform for the passengers to stand. It was rarely used. There was no one around yet the boy was in the designated space. Maybe it was out of fear of the rules, he never really understood why things were told to do in a particular way. The doors opened and he climbed aboard holding his two straps of the bag that hung on his back. He was not cheerful. In fact, he was trying his best not to cry, yet tears ran down his cheeks. He sat on the corner of the seat as he remembered his day, actually, the past few days and he let out a sob.

He was bullied by his friends and he never understood and the question “why him?” was always in his mind. He was always teased and bullied for his overweight stature, to be honest, he never could remember a time when he was called by his real name. He was always called “pig”, “fattie” and other demeaning things. They may have been teasing him out of the friendship they had for him but they could see that he detested them clearly. “Do I even have any respect before them?” this specific thought pondered and filled his entire mind, and he started crying profusely. He looked around and controlled his sob. The sadness and despair in his heart transformed into resentment. He built up profound hatred for the people in his life who “tortured” him. Some might argue that he was overreacting or was too sensitive but as the saying goes roughly “A clap can’t be made with a single hand”. He decided that he was going to take revenge for all the pain he suffered. The immature emotional rage was burning deep inside him as he was trying his best to control the anger. As he was finally able to control it, the next station approached.


The guy was strolling impatiently on the platform as the train arrived he rushed inside and he sat to the opposite to the boy. The boy wandered away from his thoughts for a bit and he was now curious about the guy in front of him. He wondered why the person before him was so angry. This was a different type of anger, he could sense. The one he faced was because of insecurity and the one before him was due to him being pulled down from conquering the world. 

The guy looked at the boy and he felt pity for him for a second. He went back to his thoughts immediately. He was frustrated with his father, he always wanted to pursue his passion but his father gave him a red flag. The logic was that “his life would become risky. He would have no job security“. His father thought that his son was taking his decision out of the hot-headed thinking that came with his age. It might be true but in this case, that was different. He knew that his passion would come with risks but he would rather live a risky life than a comfortable one which he didn’t want. He was clear about this and he knew he could make it. He believed strongly that his passion would guide him in the most precarious situations of his life.

The train stopped at the next station and a person boarded the train.


The passengers on board looked at the person shocked at his appearance as he boarded the train, completely unaware of the people already travelling the same journey as him. It almost seemed like he recognised them but forgot about them completely. He had a thick, messy beard with a thick volume of hair that would have been beautiful if he took care of it for a while. He looked like a raging alcoholic but his clothes gave a hint that he was actually a well-educated person with a flame inside him burning that was near to being extinguished completely. The two passengers felt sorry for him and they both unanimously felt that they never could be like that.

The person was still lost in his own thoughts, he was longing for the love that he lost. He might have broken it on his own accord but some part of him still longed for her to come back. He had become so attached to her. He had his share of experiences but this one was different. It affected him, unlike the others. He wasn’t able to bear the memories of her in the town. He wanted to scream and shout but was tired emotionally. Some part of him accepted that she wouldn’t be back but he shut that part deep inside him. He was so lost and completely detached from the real world around him that the train had come to a stop yet again.


The train had a change of vibe. The person who entered was fit, he was strolling impatiently like the guy who entered the second time but this was not out of frustration or rage rather this was out of the workload that he took upon himself. The guy who wanted to pursue his passion was now looking at him with inspiration, his mind was resonating with a message “I want to be like him!“.

The person was busy in his call, he didn’t even have time or rather his mind didn’t register that the train was empty and he didn’t bother to sit down and give rest to tired legs. He leaned on the pole and was in his call. He was a well-built guy and looked perfectly fit and healthy and for an untrained eye, he seemed like the type of person who had it all but the “heartbreak” person smiled as he could understand that something lacked in him and at the end of the day, he longed for the thing he desired. No matter what he did, pour himself in his work, just before he slept, he missed the most beautiful thing in his life.


Finally, the train stopped at yet another station and by this time, the guy put down his phone and started texting. It would have been definitely about his work. 

A person entered and all the others looked at him as they got the positive vibe that they all longed for, the vibe that the train was missing. He came slowly at a steady pace, his steps were slow not because he always walked that way but they gave a sense of calmness in his life, they shouted that he had everything that he wanted and his only aim was to now make advancements in his career and he had it sorted out. Everyone felt jealous of him, maybe it was his attitude that showed them that nothing bothered him even though he was in a fight with his girlfriend as they could deduce by his phone call. They realised a bit late that even though he fought, he was happy in it. He smiled suddenly as the argument turned into something light. 

The “heartbroken” guy let out a tear imagining how it would have been if they were still together.

 The “boy” wondered if he could get that sense of confidence in him. 

The “impatient” guy was irritated that he was not busy in his work rather was talking with his girlfriend. “How can he put his career behind like that?” he pondered.

The “busy-bee”, who didn’t give a glance to any of the passengers, saw the person and thought to himself, “Can I be like that one day?”

As the thoughts ran through each of the passenger’s mind and resonated throughout the train, the train sped up to its next destination.

Sarath Sattiraju

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