The Petrified

Laura and Stuart have been living in their old isolated home for years. Suddenly, they started hearing strange noises. It felt like they were not alone. A paranormal story with a plot twist.

 Laura and Stuart

I’m Laura Miller. An old lady in her eighties. My husband Stuart and I live in a very remote area with just couple of residential accompanying us . Stuart Miller married me fifty five years ago. Since married couples without children are not a family, we aren’t one. Our tiny cozy cabin is all we’ve  got with us. Pretty enough to shelter both of us. Stuart had raised it by himself  shortly after we’re united, marking it as one of the antiquated piece out here in our vicinity. We lived in a lovable solidarity, tendering each other.

One day, out of nowhere, we started hearing strange sounds around our cabin. This was the commencing point of the awful things to come yet. With occasional  eerie noises, our days passed by. I would cry aloud when these noises shows up again. I couldn’t handle them anymore. Those laughs, those chattering in an indistinctive way.

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