The Petrified

Laura and Stuart have been living in their old isolated home for years. Suddenly, they started hearing strange noises. It felt like they were not alone. A paranormal story with a plot twist.

 Laura and Stuart

I’m Laura Miller. An old lady in her eighties. My husband Stuart and I live in a very remote area with just couple of residential accompanying us . Stuart Miller married me fifty five years ago. Since married couples without children are not a family, we aren’t one. Our tiny cozy cabin is all we’ve  got with us. Pretty enough to shelter both of us. Stuart had raised it by himself  shortly after we’re united, marking it as one of the antiquated piece out here in our vicinity. We lived in a lovable solidarity, tendering each other.

One day, out of nowhere, we started hearing strange sounds around our cabin. This was the commencing point of the awful things to come yet. With occasional  eerie noises, our days passed by. I would cry aloud when these noises shows up again. I couldn’t handle them anymore. Those laughs, those chattering in an indistinctive way.

Stuart would hug me and shelter me into his thick layered black leather jacket, whenever I was frightened and crying, making my cry muffled.

“ Don’t you worry hon ! God will keep us safe from those evil spirits” he’ll convince me in a patronizing manner. 

Starting from eerie noises, slamming on the walls continued to take place. “Thud Thud Thud”. There is no time span for these. They occurred at their very own intervals. All of a sudden all would come to a halt. For just few months, then commencing again. This is our life now. Eerie noises, slamming on walls, indistinctive chatters all around us. I urged Stuart to quit our house and be done with our sufferings. But he won’t. He couldn’t leave his house just like that.

We are now getting used to those custom events, performing exorcisms on our own routinely with a hope.

          Hugh and Judy

“Please enter”, said Mr.Will pointing towards Hugh and Judy.

” I’ve heard some things about this house. Are there anything really paranormal about it?” Hugh asked Chuckling.

“Nothing at all Sir”.

“Hmm. Even if there were any, I”ll love to live with the entities alongside me.” Hugh guffawed looking at Judy.

“Anyways, we’ve read all your agreement files and are okay with them. Tour us around please.” Said Hugh

” Definitely!

 There is a kitchen out there alongside the bedroom. Here , Where we all are standing is our hall. A little space for your drawing room.” “An utility room, wine cellar, Garage, Conservatory, Dining room, Attic, Loft”,Will introduced while taking them to respective spaces.

After few weeks, the Hughs moved to their new house.

” Come on Judy” winking at her as he opened the door of their new residential.

“I still can’t believe on how we got this gigantic one in our affording”, exclaimed Judy as she inspected rooms one by one.

             ” God’s Grace Jude”.

Time went by.

Throwing parties are their periodical habit , that followed here too and capturing their moments and framing it onto the wall is Jude’s joyful hobby.

Days passed by .

Judy was hammering a nail into the wall to hang a frame of her and Hugh kissing each other on their vacation last week. 

Laura started to tremble in fear on hearing the slamming noise. She started crying in fear

Judy started hearing the cry. Upon listening it seemed to be that of a lady.

Trembling, she raised Hugh from sleep, who just now gone to bed after a tired night shift at his office,  to check out from where the cry is coming.

Startled by the sudden call of Judy, Hugh rised from his bed perplexed on what was going on.

“ Can you hear that weeping sound?!”asked Judy shaking. 

“Yes, who the hell is that? ” stammered Hugh

“I don’t know Hugh! It started all of a sudden . Please check on it. I’m dying of fear”

He examined each and every room in their house and finally came to hall. 

“I think it is coming from downwards Jude” exclaimed Hugh.

    The sobbing voice somewhat became muffled.

   Hugh and Judy climbed down the stairs all the way to the old store room, the spot where once the cabin of the Millers rested and where they were cremated . 

                                        Achintya V

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