The Strange Girl At A Bus Stand

On a dark rainy night, in a deserted bus stand, he found her, sitting alone, wearing a hospital gown with a strange tale to tell.

Dhruv is an MBBS student with a passion for storytelling.

It was raining heavily and thus I decided to wait inside the pub. I had left my umbrella in my office. It was certain I would miss my routine bus and the next one going to my home wouldn’t arrive before an hour. If I had run, I still would have caught it. But I didn’t want to risk catching a cold and jeopardise my presentation the following morning. 

The rain stopped after a few minutes, and I set off towards the bus stand. It was a dreary night. The town had retreated itself for the day and there was hardly any vehicle to be seen. The stand was situated on a desolate road, where you can’t hope to get a ride and hitchhike your way home. It started raining again just as the shelter came to my sight and I ran to get a cover. The stand was lit by a flickering bulb, which was on the verge of going out anytime. There was only a girl sitting alone on the bench. I wiped my face and took out a cigarette. 

‘Can I have one too?’ the girl asked in a feeble voice. I passed her a cigarette and lit it with a lighter. In that small moment, I took a glimpse at her face. She was young and unusually pale. She was wearing a white patient gown and I didn’t doubt for a moment that she was a runaway. In the flickering light, it was hard to make out any other feature of the girl. She took deep puffs, making the cigarette glow in the darkness. 

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