The Tale of Subhadra

Subhadra was Arujna’s second wife, Krishna’s half-sister and Abhimanyu’s mother, grandmother of Parikshit who eventually becomes the heir of the victor Pandava clan. But Subhadra is more than all of this. This is her story.

Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction.

She stood by the palace window, tall and still, staring at the blurred distance. She had two choices, both unattractive, out of which, she had to take a decision. She squared her shoulders, hoping that would give her strength. She could either leave Arjun, the mighty Pandava or she could continue to live with , living the life of the neglected.

She was Queen Subhadra, and her lithe form and the air of dignity around her conveyed that she was Queen indeed. She was the proud daughter of the mighty Yadu clan, sister of Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama and mother to Prince Abhimanyu. 

She had married Prince Arjuna, falling irresistibly in love with him and she had thought he had the same love for her. She had married him after that wretch Draupadi had, yes, but Draupadi was a common wife, to be split among five brothers. Draupadi split her love among five, and Subhadra had dedicated herself to Arjuna, yet she remained an afterthought, ever inferior to his darling Draupadi.  She had borne him a worthy son and Draupadi? She had reared  a weakling. Her son had sacrificed his life in the Kurukshetra, and yet, she received no attention from her husband. It hadn’t always been that way. She had been the Queen of queens in Arjuna’s eyes but following the Kurukshetra, he had simply forgotten her or so it seemed. Her enmity was not with Draupadi, the lady was a strong woman but she felt such grief that she had no one to blame  except Draupadi. She had waited, for Arjuna was noble, and she knew he was deeply pained that he had to kill his own. But she couldnt wait had been 5 years, not a short while.

Leaving Arjuna for her home would be a difficult choice. A women in that age would be scorned for leaving a husband. But what made it difficult for her to put her self respect first was the fire that burned within her. She loved him, she deserved him and she would make him see that. Queen Subhadra stood at the window, in the cold night, her bed empty like it always was when Draupadi lived in her palace.

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