The Thing in the Basement

This story brings to life a nightmare we all had once (or more). You are sleeping alone in the house on a dark night and then you hear something. You try to let it go, but the noises don’t stop. Your curiosity takes the better of you and you go down into the dark basement. Our protagonist does the same. What will he find?

I should take this opportunity to tell that whether or not you find this story scary, or entertaining, or whatever it is you are looking for, is of no concern to me.  I am taking this opportunity to share with you something that happened to me on October 27 of 2009.  I have never shared this story with anyone and thought this would be the perfect venue for it. Enjoy (or not.)

I tried to act like I didn’t hear what I just heard, but the sound came from downstairs and it was unmistakable. Glass breaking.

A screech.

I laid in my bed immobile, staring at the ceiling, waiting to hear something else. I cursed myself for being overcome with fear.  If my wife hadn’t gone out that night she would’ve been laying right next to me. In which case I would’ve put on a “tough guy” face and went to investigate.  But she wasn’t there, and I was lying in bed with terror coursing through every vein in my  body, trying to convince myself that I had imagined the sound. That was until I heard the growl, a low, repulsive growl.

I didn’t know if it was coming from downstairs or the space between my ears. Either way I had to get up and check, or I would go crazy.  I slowly sung my legs over the side of the bed and sat up.  I began to stand up but my knees betrayed me when I heard the crashing. Like something, the something downstairs, was hurling itself against the walls.

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