You & Me

A love story set in outer space. A group of astronauts venture on a trip to travel beyond our galaxy, the first of its kind for humanity. Though they have left Earth, the earthly feelings shall travel with them to infinity & beyond.

I remember the day when I first saw eyes as fierce as blizzard and face as calm as a lonely summer noon. His eyes met with mine, but my brain was drifting in deep thoughts.

“Hey, I might be something like a Clown. Don’t you think?”
I never really thought this would be our last conversation, but fate had other plans.

He is so young, then why his hairs are all grey?

So grumpy, his attitude was really awful. All I did everyday was to hear him yell. My dreams were shattered. All my chubby childhood self ever wanted was to go into space. Ride freely in unbound gravity free space. Now that I was here, I had the opportunity, but I was losing the grip. It was rushing out of my hands, or so I thought.

“You are coming with me to the next trip.”

I was going into the outer space, out of our galaxy. It was as big of a news for me as for the human race. Man was going to step outside our galaxy for the first time. No………….It wasn’t just men, because I was also in the team.

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